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Before the consumer spends money, he or she has to be satisfied about the buying decision he or she is about to make. Most of the times, he will spend a bit of time researching, looking for encouragement and assurances on why he should spend his money. Although experts simply see this as pre purchase research, it plays a very crucial role in one’s satisfaction.

In the past, the consumer report magazine was the most used consumer magazine since it not only educated them on the choices they made, but also because it helped them further understand what others had on offer. Besides it, consumers also depended on advertisements, friendly suggestions and recommendations to discover goods and services they wanted to buy.

In an Internet riddled world not all has changed. Consumers still desire to find any information that might be relevant to their purchases. Research has shown that before consumers buy goods and services online they have to checked relevant information at least 10 times! But it is not always the same in some industries such as essay sales.

Student consumers

Before students can buy a custom essay online, they need to understand what different service providers have on offer. But in the current setting of most companies, this is a far-fetched issue. For the student to find the appropriate company to work with, they need to check out reviews on independent websites such as XXX.com.

Why reviews matter

There are very many reasons why students need to check out reviews before buying essays online. The obvious one lies in the fact that they don’t have to make a mistake that has already been made, but can learn from it, reviews help them with that.

Reviews also consolidate all the information a consumer will need in one place, making it unnecessary for the student to visit multiple websites for updates. This saves time.

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How the site works

The first step we do to find great custom essay writing companies students can trust is check them out on the behalf of the student. We first of all ask the consumers who’ve spend money on essay writing companies to write feedback so we can use it to help others make their own decisions. Most of the times, this is in the form of a comment and rating.

We also ask the experts on this website to investigate different custom essay writing companies. They write a summary review which we publish for the students in need of the essay writing services.